Logo Design

First impression counts

How does a for a start-up stand out in a crowd of competitors? You should give your company an identity. A name and a logo are the first steps in giving your company a face. We help you to find a new name and logo, which make an impact and let your company stand out in your market.

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Logo design

Logo redesign


Claim development

Corporate typography

Setting the colour tones


Before we start designing your new logo, we would like to understand you company entirely.
The first meetings are crucial for our design process and give us all the answers we need to design a logo, develop a name, a claim that suits your company perfectly.
It’s important for us that you are constantly involved in the different steps of our process, give us feedback and put in your ideas. Only when you are amazed by the result, we consider our work a success.

Do you have any questions? Do you want to obtain an offer or do you just want to say "hello"? We are happy to receive your message.

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